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A Users Guide to the DSL Filter

DSL is an abbreviation of Digital Subscriber Line. You may be wondering what a DSL filter is. Most of us ordinary people don't have a clue to it although we may be using it! This in-line device is a small one and is often needed in installing DSLs. It is also known as a micro filter and it helps to filter interference in your telephone equipment when it is sharing the same line as a DSL service. The full form is Digital Subscriber Line. It is used in Internet service provided through in-place telephone line.

A unique DSL modem is needed and often DSL filters are also needed. It depends on which method you have chosen for installation. The DSL service can be installed using any one of two methods: split, or without a splitter. In case the split method is put in use, there is no need for a DSL filter. In case you have chosen split method then you don't need a DSL filter. However, a technician has to come to your place to install a splitter in the main telephone cable which will provide you the services.

Two lines come out of the splitter. One of them feeds the RJ11 phone jacks, and the other is used solely for the DSL modem. You don't need a filter in this case.

The only disadvantage is that the technician has to be called in. In the second method of installation technician's visit is not required. You can install it yourself. The service provider sends you a modem which has fitters in it.

The DSL service goes via the main service line which means you only have to connect the DSL modem to any existing RJ11 wall jack. But since the phone is servicing many areas like your fax machine so there may be noise. Filters are then used in these cases to remove disturbances. A DSL filter is a small matchbox-like gadget that is connected on both ends to RJ11 connectors. All that the subscriber has to do is simply unplug the telephone line from the wall jack and insert the filter into the RJ11 jack. He can then plug the telephone line back into the filter.

It is also required for Fax machine lines and answering machine lines You can surf the Internet using DSL service and talk on the phone at the same time. DSL filters are not costly devices and you should use them to protect yourself from noise and interference from telephone devices in your office or house. Thus it is important for all phones to have a line filter placed between them and the wall outlet.

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