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AXMEDIS Editor v Audio MultimediaMultimedia Creation Tools Software

AXMEDIS Editor is used for the manual production of AXMEDIS Objects, and allows creating and manipulating object features and their different aspects: Structure and packaging, to add, remove, move digital resources and metadata inside the AXMEDIS Object (hierarchy editor and viewer of the object), manipulation in terms of AXMEDIS elements and/or in terms of MPEG-21 standard; Resource manipulation, to use content processing plug-ins for generic and customizable resource manipulation (the same algorithms and tools used in the AXMEDIS Content Processing), so that it allow the test o AXMEDIS Content Processing algorithms; Metadata editing, allowing to edit/map the metadata (any XML format) related to digital resources and objects (metadata editor and viewer); Visual and behavioral editing, allowing to define content usage paradigm (presentation level) organization of resources to present/layouting the digital content contained inside the AXMEDIS Object (visual and behavioral editor and viewer), saving in SMIL, as templates, HTML, etc.; Protection editing, allowing to specify/test protection algorithms to be used for the AXMEDIS Object protection, and thus to define the Protection Information (Protection Editor and Viewer); DRM editing, allowing to produce and verify licenses for end users and/or distributors of the AXMEDIS Object as well as the Potentially Available Rights, PAR, that could be acquired on objects shared in the P2P Network (DRM editor and viewer); Workflow, allowing editing and viewing the status and the work to be done on the AXMEDIS Objects involved in the workflow process (workflow editor and viewer); The AXMEDIS Editor can be used for the manual production, authoring, editing and/or inspection of AXMEDIS MPEG-21 cross media content/objects. It can be used for - creation of simple and/or complex (nested) AXMEDIS objects, MPEG-21 content, collections, etc.; - creation of objects with links/URI to other objects and/or resources; - authoring of multiple Metadata and IDs; - integration/inclusion of digital resources and presentation information and content into the AXMEDIS object package; - application of content processing and/or protection algorithms (via AXMEDIS plug in); - registration and certification of content for DRM; - protection of content for DRM; - search, query, load and save on databases, etc. The integration with the AXMEDIS database is performed via Web Services and the AXDB module; - integration with OpenFlow workflow to receive commands from the workflow management system, and integrate the tools in any production process.

The AXMEDIS Editor presents: - Hierarchy editor to navigate the object structure, to add resources with drag and drop: images, video, documents, audio, SMIL, HTML, MPEG-4, etc., to edit their details and parameters, etc.; - Metadata editor and Mapper, to manipulate metadata and create XSLT mappings for them; - Visual editor for defining SMIL presentation details and links. Any other SMIL or HTML Editor can be used and files can be dropped into the package. HTML files can be included with their own CSS, and JavaScript, etc.

; - Behavioral editor to create Axmethods in JavaScript defining the content business intelligence and semantics, associated to actions and other events; - DRM editor (MPEG-21 REL) to create licenses; - Protection editor to protect the content; - Workflow editor to set up workflow parameters, etc. The production of AXMEDIS content can be automated by using AXCP tools as described in the Technical Note:

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