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Beyond Your Garage Finding Stuff To Sell On EBay

Billions of dollars worth of products are sold on eBay and other online merchants every year. Where are people getting all these items to sell? Surely, they've emptied their closets and garages by now. Even if they have, finding stuff to sell online is still relatively easy. Several sources are available for those who want to make a little or a lot of cash selling online. Home Stuff Not all garages have been cleared of junk.

Weekend garage sales are still popular places to find items to sell. Sales in higher income areas tend to net more quality items like designer clothes, high end furniture, and antiques. However, don't neglect an average Joe garage sale; one never knows what unique items will be unearthed regardless of the neighborhood. Go to these sales toward the end of the day.

Homeowners will be more inclined to sell you merchandise at rock bottom prices rather than having to pack up unsold items. Look through your own garage and closets to find items to sell online. You may be harboring old clothes, books, Cds, and toys that will bring in a few bucks online. Offer to rid your friends and family of their unwanted junk by selling on consignment. You sell their stuff and keep %25 of the profits.

Local retailers may also agree to let you sell their overstocks and returned merchandise on consignment as well. Buy Online, Sell Online Finding stuff to sell online is as easy as buying it from the same online source. eBay is an excellent place to find everything from antiques to huge lots of merchandise that you can buy and resell at a profit. Locate other online sources by using search terms such as wholesale liquidators, closeout dealers, and drop-ship services.

These same sources can also be found in print media including the Yellow Pages and classified ads in newspapers, trade magazines, and free weeklies. Auction Action Unclaimed, slightly damaged, and repossessed merchandise can be purchased at freight claims and government auctions. Check the Yellow Pages for contact information and newspaper classified section for upcoming sales. There's a storage unit operation on every corner these days. The storage company auctions off the contents of unpaid rental units. Although the contents are sold sight unseen, there's probably enough sale worthy items inside to let you break even.

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