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Billy Briggs Internets Jack the Ripper is Just Lurking Around Every PC

I am speaking in behalf of countless opportunity seekers victimized by Billy Briggs, the internet's "Jack the Ripper." No he doesn't kill women, he rips your hard earned money; young and old, men and women and then runs away. Why do people like him continue to circulate their trades around the internet unchecked? Is the FBI or Interpol helpless?

In my desire to earn quick bucks, I ran into this ads that says:
1. Earn $25-50 an hour.

2. Work at your own pace.
3. 1,000's of companies willing to pay you, you will never be rejected.
4. You only enter data and post it.

5. Only $49 fee for a limited time.
6. 30-day money back guarantee.

Due to my extreme excitement or stupidity, I hurriedly signed up and proceeded to learn the business on the spot.

To my disgust, I found out that you would have to advertise affiliate products online through free and paid ads. If customers buy through your ad links, then you get a commission. Now if you choose to advertise using Google PPC, you've got to have extra money to spare. What a deception! The website, www.type-at-home.

com says that all you have to do is enter the data and post it on the internet and companies will pay you from $25 -50. It doesn't specify that you will have to sell to earn your commission. I immediately demanded my money back but found no e-mail address, customer service nor telephone lines on their website. Now how do I get my money back? I made a Google research and found a website that lists all the people victimized by this Billy Briggs and how they were able to get their refunds. After several e-mails, I finally got a reply from a certain Jill Norman promising a refund. I got what I want after 3 days, felt relieved after that harrowing experience.

If ever you get scammed, you can report to:

1. The National Fraud Information Center:

org/ is perhaps the best site
     for reporting fraud in the US.
2. The Better Business Bureau also lets you file complaints online.   
. .

Index of Internet Scams  To would be internet marketers or affiliates, some tips to avoid being ripped by Billy Briggs and other internet fraud: 1. Avoid data entry on line scams, paid survey or similar home-based business. 2. Check with Clickbank if they are affiliated. Clickbank recently booted out those kinds of affiliate programs.

3. Conduct research on Google about product reviews and the respective authors. 4.

Be cybersmart before signing up to those shady affiliate programs. Billy Briggs, internet's scams worst must be stopped once and for all. E-mail me and I will be more than glad to assist anyone who hasn't gotten back his money. Stick with legitimate affiliate programs. .

Was a former finance consultant for Asian Development Bank turned micro financier and now into internet marketing. Main Website: Make Money on the Internet

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