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Anonymous Surfing is something people should have the option to do without government or companies tracking their every move if they want to. The ability to use all the interet has to offer is great, but can you really feel safe if you are being watched? If you are being tracked at every click? It's kind of creepy but ISP's, advertising companies and a lot of companies that steal and sell your personal information for profit all can and do this. It's both scary and alarming sometimes and you can use software and the right services to remain anonymous on the web, like it should be.

I think people also have a right to privacy, and it is not evident from looking at your browser whether someone is monitoring you or not. It't a confusing world out there and you should be aware that spyware, adware, viruses and ISPs are watching you. Probably more than all the security cameras watch you on the sidewalk walking outside.

There are millions of security cameras out there recording you everywhere you go in the offline world but people can usually see them and accept the loss of privacy for the trust that they are not going to get into any trouble or loose any personal information from them. The internet is different. These malicious software dowloads can track and send information from your computer without you knowing it. They can also send information from the web sites that you have entered like credit cards or your home information. They also can come back and use your computer as a host via it's IP address, to send out more spam messages and control it behind the scenes. All this scares me a bit and although I try and have all my virus and anti-spyware software up to date am looking into Anonymous surfing and VPN networks.

I just want to see if there is a better way to surf while being anonymous.

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