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Brochure design for business

BROCURE DESIGN & CATALOGUE DESIGN It is first impressions that count immensely. Most of the time people come across a company or its products through the brochure or catalogues presented to them. A well designed catalogue will ensure that your acquaintances will come back to you as clients. It is a proven way of attracting customers.

We offer all our customers high quality and creative services. Our charges are some of the most cost effective in the market; our pricing is so competitive that we provide the same quality of services as the top brochure designers at a fraction of the cost. Our design team is highly experienced and qualified to handle any designing task and we assure you that we will provide you with what you are looking for. Our team has the collective experience of many years in the various fields of commercial design. Our team comprises of layout artists, art editors and art directors who have worked with blue chip companies. Our daily jobs comprises of designing brochures and magazines for a variety of customers.

As this is a daily job, our experience allows us to turn around work for you very quickly. This however does not mean that we would compromise on our quality. We assure you of the best possible services.

The high quality of our designs is the pride and identity of our company. Our mission is to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers and we do not rest until our customers show appreciation with our work. Our constant endeavor is to better our work with each job. Our brochure and magazine design package comes with the added advantage of unlimited revisions, until our customers end up feeling satisfied. We listen to our customers and take into consideration their wishes throughout the design process so that they may rest in peace while we happily work for you to fulfill your wishes. Our objective is also to provide highly original and cost effective designs to our customers.

However we do not stop there just yet. All the designs we provide you with are print ready. Because of our years of vast experience in the printing industry we have various sources we can use to offer you with rock bottom prices for printing jobs. All that you have to do is to let us know at the time of ordering what sort of quantities and qualities you might be looking out for and the possible paper finishes you prefer and we will bring out a quotation for you. Once you give us the order we will take care of the delivery also so that you may put up your legs and relax while we work for you and fulfill your conditions. While planning a brochure, it is necessary to keep in view that any brochure or booklet to be printed will be formed from a multiple of four pages.

When planning, it is better to prepare a dummy and decide the contents for each page, so as to get a clear picture. The size of the brochure will depend on how it is going to be sent. If they are to be posted then smaller page sizes would be better and cost effective.

colin nightingale is the author of this article on Newsletter Design and Presentation Folders. Find more information about Brochure and Catalogue Design here.

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