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Building an Reputation At eBay

Online business shares many of the same fundamentals as an offline business. Both needs a strong presence. Like for any brick-and-mortar company, building online reputation is essential for the prosperity of your business.

In principle, online reputation is not radically different from offline reputation, a fact you will appreciate. But building your reputation as eBay seller follows different lines. Using the 'About Me' Page to Build Reputation Many potential Ebay buyers often check the About Me page of the seller to determine if the seller is indeed who he says he is. Let the eBay community know about you through this page.

Use the page carefully, writing about yourself, your expertise and niche. You can add weightage by talking about your selling philosophy and principles. Let on that you are indeed an expert in your product field. Always maintain an Ebay Theme for your business in order to be viewed as an authority in your field. Use the 'About Me' page to its maximum potential. Although it can be modified later, it is wise to have clarity before you uploaded it.

If you are a beginner, your 'About Me' page means a lot to your prospective customers. So, it is a good idea to refer to other veteran sellers' similar pages on eBay itself. This tiny tip is critical to your Ebay success! Build your reputation with 'Feedbacks' Ebay Feedbacks can either make or break your online business.

It is anybody's dream to have their customers' choicest of feedbacks in an ideal situation. Obviously, eBay provides for your prospective customers to check your reputation by reviewing feedbacks left for you by your customers. If you are serious about your business, do ensure that you take every possible action in acquiring good feedbacks, positive feedbacks. Feedback Rankings eBay allows customer feedbacks in three rankings; positive, negative and neutral. So this is your chance to buildup real reputation in return for the value delivered. Each positive comment will credit you with a +1 point and negative with -1.

Crossing 10 points mark signifies that you are off the start-off block. Here afterwards you are rated by a system of stars distinguished by colors. If you have in anyway offended a customer, quickly offer to remedy the situation, or offer a refund. A negative feedback from the customer can jeopardize your business more than a refund would! There are ten varieties of stars for points earned by you, starting from 10 to 100,000 points and more. Make sure you strive to achieve good rankings! Let Your Customers See It Your greatest eBay asset is the customer feedbacks which you can proudly display.

You can choose to hide them for your own reasons but keeping it public has the chance to boost your business. You can initiate dispute resolution if you didn't deserve a negative feedback. All the Power Sellers flaunt their status, so should you! Like all things good, positive feedbacks do not come overnight.

You have to work at it. You can't take customer feedbacks for granted. Earn them through sustained professional and ethical practices and by proving your practices are one with your declared principles. Get more Ebay Tips and tricks! Ebay Business Experts Anyone can earn a good living by having a business on Ebay. With the proper guide and good foundation, you too can be an Ebay Power Seller within months! Starting Your Ebay Business has never been easier!.

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