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Dont Just Be an Affordable Hosting Reseller Be a Unique One

Having done your research and scoped out the competition, as it were, you may finally be confident in your ability to become an affordable hosting reseller. You have the space, you have the know-how, you have the pricing scheme in place. what could go wrong? Simply put: a lot. You still need to compete with other affordable hosting reseller outfits that offer the same features, the same know-how and the same infrastructure - for a great deal less.

Take note that in the fierce arena of cyberspace, you won't just be competing with other reseller vendors in your neighborhood, or even your own country - you'll be dealing with resellers from popular low-cost locations as well, like India, Romania and Ukraine. Vendors based in lower-cost locations can afford to drive the prices of reseller space down even lower, and smart buyers would do well to give them a shot. So how do you steal the attention away from cheaper resellers? The answer is simple: smart marketing.

You need to define what makes your hosting service unique and attractive. Positioning is the key. And positioning can take place if you're smart enough to approach specialized markets. By specialized markets, we mean people who look for reseller hosting for specific purposes - say a network of personal websites, a PHP development platform, or even a place to house a small, basic online store. Your reseller space may be flexible enough to fill all these needs, but would interested parties be willing to give you a second glance if you don't prove that you are sympathetic to their needs? In other words: address the needs of your prospective customers on a more intimate level.

By addressing needs in detail, you will be able to gain your customers' trust in your ability to fine-tune your services. Customers who are not yet comfortable with the web will especiallyappreciate being taken by the hand and shown familiar grounds - for example, you can demonstrate how easy it is to use your built-in store engines. Or how simple it is to manage multiple domains even for non-techies, using your user-friendly web panel! Some affordable hosting reseller vendors approach their tasks at even greater detail: they sell web space to specific business industries. For example, online casinos and poker sites. This gives people the advantage of having their sites hosted on a ready-made network, with all the nifty tools that come with it.

They could also be more in touch with the latest online functionalities used by the competition. You know what they say: keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer!. provides you with info on Affordable hosting reseller and much more, come take a look at

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