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Exchange Server and SharePoint

Every business knows that there are huge advantages to using Microsoft Exchange, and many small or medium-sized companies know that using a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is a way to access the important program without having to pay the steep fees that are generally associated with it. But some companies do not know about how they can use SharePoint in order to bring a whole new level of communication and fast technology into their business. All About SharePointHaving access to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is a great way to allow your employees to communicate better, but SharePoint brings communication to a whole new level. SharePoint is a tool that many businesses use in order to bring teamwork in the company up, and as well as to give their employees the ability to collaborate on projects no matter where they may be. After all, the majority of companies are now connecting and collaborating with companies that are overseas, and SharePoint can help them to communicate and collaborate much easier.

Benefits of SharePointThere are a number of benefits to having SharePoint included in your Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 package. For only a few dollars more, you get the ability to: 1) Have a virtual meeting workspace. This means that you can send notes, work on documents, share contacts, and hold a meeting with the people on your team, no matter whether they are in the next office or 3,000 miles away. 2) Control document changes.

If you are trying to collaborate on a document together, it can be difficult to see what changes are made during the process. SharePoint gives you the ability to track all of the changes that are made on the document. 3) Task list. It is always important, in the business world, that every employee is aware of their own task.

SharePoint gives you the ability to set up task lists so that everyone will know what their tasks are, how important the task is, and when it is due. 4) Forums. Having forums and discussion groups are important, not just to allow your employees the ability to talk about work, but also to give them a little place to relieve their stress. The best part of using SharePoint through Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is that you can archive and save all of the forum discussions so that you can go back and look at them later. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 has a number of benefits that can not be denied, but using SharePoint when you are set up with a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is as highly technical you can get without having a degree in technology.

With just a few clicks of the mouse you can set up, organize, and motivate your team. You no longer have to worry that your employee will have a hard time communicating with other employees, or with people you are teamed up with, as SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 gives them the ability to stay on top of things, no matter where they may happen to be.

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