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Generate Free Web Site Traffic in Simple Ways

Generating website traffic and accumulating free traffic hits can be quite difficult. Some people try at it for years and they just never find the means to succeed. It's not their lack of commitment, per say, but their lack of knowledge and guidance. They simply just don't know where to begin or what techniques to use. Well, if you happen to be one of those people, you are in luck! Because you are about to learn 7 great tips to begin driving traffic to web site.

Tip 1: Submitting To Directories Directories can be very powerful. Not only can they give you tiny spurts of traffic, but they can also build up a lot of backlinks for you. Submitting to directories is pretty simple. You find different directories, fill out the form (name, email, website URL), and then click submit.

After that you will get a confirmation via email and your URL will be added to that directory in a few days, weeks, or months; it varies for each directory. You could always pay for directory submission, but honestly, you should stick to free directories at first. A List Of Directories Can Be Found Here: http://www.strongestlinks.

com/directories.php Tip 2: Create "Link Bait" Link bait is basically content on your website that causes people to link back to it. Something funny, something entertaining, something informative, or just something with a little bit of flare. If some body likes it, they will link back to it on their website.

This is the best way to drive traffic because it shows that your website is genuinely interesting. This is always a nice form of traffic, but don't rely on it whole heartedly. Tip 3: Join Forums and Contribute Forums are a great place to get information and to generate free traffic hits. The secret to using a forum is not spamming; it's actually the opposite.

Being a member and contributing information, as well as being helpful, is that secret. Don't just sign up, put in a sig file, and start posting garbage. Members will catch on to you very quickly. Instead, don't add a sig file until you've got 50-100 posts and until you have been a member for at least a month.

It may be hard, but it will be better for you in the long run. After that months time, add a nice attention grabbing sig file to your profile and then post away. Don't go overboard though! Tip 4: Have Reliable Web Hosting This tip is more for keeping visitors happy than it is for generating free web site traffic. When someone visits your site and it is down due to technical problems, they immediately get turned off.

Even if they have been a loyal member for quite some time, you drop a notch on their "respectability" meter. To avoid this, you should get the best hosting possible and avoid free hosting services. All free services aren't necessarily bad, it's just that you never know where you stand with them. Too many ads, unannounced downtimes, limited bandwidth, poor support, and plethora of other things that could pose a threat to your website success. Generally speaking, it just isn't worth the hassle. Go with a paid hosting service.

It is safer, more reliable, and it usually only costs 10 bucks a month. You won't regret it. Tip 5: Use E-bay E-bay is seen by many people as just an auction website used to sell and buy a multitude of different things, but it is really so much more. E-bay is practically a web site traffic generator that can be used by anyone at any given time. Obviously, you have to have something to sell, but that typically isn't a problem.

You can sell E-books (resell rights can be bought from many different sites) for less than a buck and start generating traffic in a big way. You'll sell them for 99 cents and then you'll make it so that they must get the E-book from your site or even submit their E-mail to get receive their purchase. There are a lot of ins & outs to E-bay marketing, but they are definitely worth learning. Tip 6: Give Away an E-book Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is.

You merely acquire an E-book (with resale/distribution rights) and offer it to others for free. People love to get freebies, so this technique is full proof. You can even use it as an incentive for people interested in your mailing list.

Get the word out by using forms and even free classified ads websites. The power of a freebie is undeniable; don't ignore it! Tip 7: Start an Article Marketing Campaign (THE BEST FOR LAST) This is probably the best free way to drive traffic to web site. It's not only easy to do, it's REALLY, REALLY powerful.

Write a few articles, stick in some keywords, add a eye catching resource box, and submit it to big name directories; bingo, you're finished. There are a few more intricate details to article marketing, but that is the basic process in a nutshell. A single article can generate thousands of free traffic hits in just a SINGLE month.

Admittedly, it would have to be a great article and extremely well targeted, but the possibility is there. If you aren't a great writer, then you need to start practicing & improving your skills. Either that, or hire someone to write the articles for you (the rates for most writers are anywhere from $5-$25 per article).

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