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Get Free Targeted Traffic In Minutes Using Block Formula Internet Business

If you want to boost up your website traffic for free, I mean attract TONS of new customers, sales and leads, I've got great news for you. Now there's a powerful, inexpensive system that I have developed to bring in all the targeted traffic you'll ever need for your website, starting today. The best part is that you will not have to pay for this kind of traffic coming to your website. You will attract visitors that will rocket your sales counter right off the charts! If you've been looking for a quick and easy way to attract new customers, this article will tell you how to do it in next 90 minutes. Here YOU Go.

Step 1 - Research discussion forums in your niche and read the questions posted out there. Step 2 - Take a pen and paper and note down the questions posted and the url of the forum where the questions are posted. Step 3 - Now visit

com and start hunting down answers to those questions. Yes, do some research on the topics that people are searching for. Tip: You can also visit some popular article directories like and www. and read articles out there. This can also give you ideas on the topic you are hunting for. Step 4 - Once you get some related answers by doing research, note down the ideas and start creating an article around the question. Write a 500 to 700 word article relating to the topic you were searching for.

It is very easy to write article once you have done some good research on the topic. Step 5 - Once you have good solid articles with you, visit the posts where the questions were asked and give them solution by posting up your article. Tell them that you've done some good research on the topic and found out a solution for them, and then post your article.

This will boost up your credibility and will get you tons of quality traffic from forums. Step 6 - Now that you've a quality article with you, start promoting your article with your resource box attached below your article. Hunt down some article distribution service like 'Article Marketer' and distribute your article to article directories. Here are some places where you can promote your article.

1. Article Directories. 2. Announcement Groups. 3. Discussion Forums.

4. Your Blog. 5. Your Website.

6. Send your articles to website owners and ezine publishers in your niche. 7. Add it as a follow up message in your autoresponder.

8. Blast it to your list of subscribers. 9. Send it to your affiliates and allow them to add their affiliate link in the resource box and distribute your article. 10. Create mini-ebook or report from your articles and then distribute it to your list.

Step 7 - Sit back and watch. Test how many visitors your article has got you, how many sales you have made, what is the conversion ratio, etc. Once you get your numbers, duplicate the system again and again to make more and MORE profits. Repitition is the secret to success.

Make sure you apply the above system and put it to use to take your internet business to the next level. There's never been a better time for you to start attracting tons of sales and traffic to your site for free, than it is today!.

Did you find this article useful? For more useful tips and hints, points to ponder and keep in mind, techniques, and insights pertaining to Internet Business, do please browse for more information at our websites.

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