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Guidelines For Completing A Transaction On EBay

Completing your eBay purchase couldn't be any simpler and easier. There are various ways to make payments on eBay. From credit cards, postal orders to bank drafts, cheques to e-cheques, these are all accepted on eBay. Every seller on eBay has their own preferred methods of accepting payments, so it's always a good practice to check what payment methods are accepted by a seller before you conduct any form of transaction with them. Make it easy and simple for both parties, you might be paying for only one item, but remember some sellers have to deal with numerous buyers, i know it's not your problem, but help them out and you'll have your item shipped quickly. EBay recommends using paypal to make payments, but most people hate the idea of having to register with paypal in order to make a payment.

Paypal is the favourite method of payment for most buyers though because paypal offers free protection, up to a $1000.00 on your eBay purchases. Just look out for the Paypal Buyer Protection in the Seller Information Box on the view item page to determine if your item is eligible. If Paypal's Buyer Protection Policy does not cover your item, their Buyer Complaint Policy may still cover you. It's worth noting not all sellers accept paypal, when paying by other methods where you have to mail payments, always include a copy of the confirmation email from eBay or the seller, add your address on this email and also do write the item number on both the confirmation email and the cheque, if you are paying by cheque.

Let the seller know you have mailed their payment and when you think it will arrive, remember there are delays at the post office at certain times of the year. This way, when the seller has not received your payment, they will contact you, so you can chase it up with the postal authorities. Postal orders, Bank Transfers, Money orders and Cash are all method of payments accepted by most sellers. Always remember to insure payments where necessary and always send these by registered mail. When your item does arrive, do let the seller know by leaving a positive feedback if it arrived in good condition or as advertised. Be fair and honest when leaving feedback, remember that is what eBay members are judged by.

If you feel the item is not as described or arrived damaged, contact the seller and try to resolve this mutually instead of leaving negative feedback. Some sellers are willing to compensate you for your troubles, so it's always worth getting in touch with them before you leave them negative feedback. After all negative feedback will not replace your item. Having said that, like all humans, there are always the few people who will test your patience, but always do make leaving negative feedback the last resort. Most sellers always want to have a pleasant relationship with their customers and will do all they can to make your eBay experience a pleasant one.

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