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How to Start Mobile Gambling

Before starting to gamble from your cell phone or PDA there are three things you need to do. The first step in mobile gambling begins with locating a mobile casino that meets your needs, your needs being your casino game or casino games of choice. Mobile gambling sites are easy to find. Many of the larger online casinos have a mobile version of their games and can be downloaded from their sites or just do a Google search.

There are many of these mobile gambling sites available, so before picking one make sure to do your homework. Check the internet for mobile gambling reviews, and user reviews. There are many forums online that will have posts about good and bad experiences at mobile gambling sites. These testimonies will give you a better idea of which is the best mobile gambling sites for your needs. The second step in mobile gambling is to download the mobile gambling software for your phone of PDA.

This can be done from your home pc or directly from the phone you wish to do your mobile gambling. If you are downloading from your phone you just need to connect to the internet, navigate to the mobile gambling web site and start your download. If you are downloading it from your PC, you need to go to the website, start the download and then transfer the program to your phone using a data cable or by means of WIFI or Blue Tooth. From this point both methods are the same. Save the program to your phone and start the software.

The last step in this process is where you open an account with the mobile gambling operator and transfer funds to the online casinos. To open an account all you need to do is provide them with your name, address, password and email address. They will then send you an email that will require you to click a link to verify that it is a legitimate email address.

Once you have verified your account you have to transfer your money into the account. Since most banks will not allow a direct transfer from your account to the online casinos account you will need to use a third party money transfer service. These services accept a transfer from your bank and allow you to then transfer the money to any other account you wish. Just provide them the information provided on the online casinos website and within an hour your money will be there and you will be able to gamble directly from your mobile device or cellular phone. Now you can go to the online casinos and accept your signup bonus and start gambling with your free money.

I recommend once you have all this information in your cell phone or PDA that you use the devices security features and lock your phone when you are not using it. This will prevent someone from accessing your mobile gambling account and stealing all your money in the event that you misplace or have your phone stolen.

Daniel Dunn writes online casino reviews. When he is not working he enjoys horse gambling mobile gambling and NHL hockey.

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