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Instant Article Submitter A Winning Tool Today

A popular, low cost method of creating links to your website is to write short articles about the product or service you market. These are published at no charge on the many informational sites. These sites are voracious feeders, needing new fresh articles constantly.

The keywords imbedded in your article will bounce the reader to your site, but they need to be refreshed frequently. There are two drawbacks that must be overcome. First is the skill to write the required articles.

You can hire this done pretty cheaply. The second is all the time needed to submit the article or articles to the sites. Time is expensive and irreplaceable so it is of great benefit to look at short cuts that really do work. That is why the offering of new article submitter software has been greeted with such glad cries. Authors Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson have created software entitled Instant Article Submitter.

Here is how it works. You will still have to register on the sites that require IAS sign up where you want to submit articles the first time. After the first registration, submitting articles to these sites is automatic. There is even software included for this.

The software is downloaded on your computer so you call it up and type in the bare bones information about your article. (This is required every time you submit something to each site normally). Type in your name, address, email address, header, etc.

Then go to the next screen to select the category you want your article to appear in. Next, you type in the actual article. The software spell checks for you, gives you a word count, saves and prints the article. You can even select how many times you want it to run. With a simple click of a button the Instant Article Submitter sends your article to all the websites in your selected category in seconds. You can save the categories for future submissions.

The Instant Article Submitter software can be set up to send articles to specific sites, skipping over others. You can also program it to submit articles on a preset schedule with no further effort on your part. Currently the Instant Article Submitter is compatible with 206 sites, with more being added all the time without charge to you. Every time you open the software it will automatically update.

The same authors also offer bonus software called Instant Article Creator. If writing is not one of your skills, this software could save you tons of effort. If writing is one of your favorite pastimes, then the Instant Article Submitter will free up weeks of time so you can write more.

By creating more high quality content filled articles, you increase your search engine exposure which in turn will bring more people to your website. If you have Adsense on your sites, promotion with the Instant Article Submitter will bring in many more customers to you. The $97.00 you spend for this software will bring in many times that in new business.

Mark Edelson writes articles for Instant article submitter service. Other articles written by the author related to Blogging to the bank are accessible on the net.

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