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Legal Action Against Spyware

The United States House of Representatives recently passed the Securely Protect Yourself Against Cyber Trespass Act, or the SPY Act. The act requires any company that may be installing spyware in your computer to first make the user aware of its presence. Failing to give PC users the knowledge that spyware is being installed will cost the violator up to $3 million in fines. Unfortunately for internet users the Act will not do very much against protecting internet privacy. Much of spyware works by piggy backing its way in with the approved download of other programs.

In the license agreement spyware makes itself known, following the stipulations of the Spy Act, but most users do not read through an entire user agreement, they simply click "I agree." Because of this spyware will be able to remain a prevalent internet threat. It should also be noted that most spyware threats originate outside of the United States, making it difficult to stop them if the Act is breached. The Spy Act will most likely have as little of an impact at the Spam Act to control junk email did.

For advertisers spyware is a lucrative business, especially because the average computer is infected with nearly 30 spyware applications. Most likely the spyware epidemic will not be controlled until international regulations are set up and enforced. Until then users should download, install and regularly use some sort of anti-spyware software.

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