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Making The Best Of Your Blog Advertising

To make money blogging and be a good website internet marketing site owner youve got to be able to do a few things really well. Then just do those few things (by few I mean 2-4 base web marketing activities) over and over again.

Rinse and repeat as they say.

Get your process down where youre an expert, then devote the needed time each day to repeating it.

You could make money blogging by doing a blog post 5-6 times a week, building links in directories, submitting articles to article directories, or posting answers and being helpful in various forums and web2.0 sites or communities that are relevant to your topic.

One thing that is absolutely essential to your success is the best tools. Time is your biggest asset (you pessimists would say enemy). So using your time to the fullest is paramount.

You probably already know that peoples eyes are drawn to pictures.

That is just a fact. So you want to have multimedia (pictures of you, cool pics of landmarks or events like sunsets, videos, audio, and the tool Im about to show you).

comic strip example

As you can see (when you click through) that is a comic strip and I made it very easily at a comic strip generating site. The site has pre-made images you can use, bubbles to put text in, and you can easily move these elements around within the frame so it looks the way you want it to.

There are 4 of these comic strip making sites out there that Ive found. Some let you upload real pictures of you and your dog (or lizard) and add a comic type bubble that you can put text in.

You can combine 3-4 of these real pictures with text bubbles to create your mini comic strip.

Those sites are:

4. http://pikistrips.


Placing these different types of comic strips into your blog posts or websites makes the web page jump to life. It seems so much more exciting and lively with a good comic strip image.

It is a tool I havent seen used much thats very underutilized. The possibilities for how you can use this are virtually endless.

Just a few that come to mind are your ability to tell a message of humor, sadness, sales, craziness and of course a political statement as youve seen those political cartoons that have become very popular.

One thing to be sure of is that you dont have to be a comic genius or have any drawing skills at all. I was able to make that strip (my very first) in about 17 minutes for free and without any additional outside help.

It was simple drag-and-drop easy to use right within the site.

No software or tools to download.

The customization and ease of use makes stripgenerator a site Ill be using much more. I havent used the other 3 yet but plan to test those out as well. Should you find any good comic strip sites that are easy to use like these then drop me a line to tell me about them.

Comic strips can really liven up your posts and your marketing and get you to the make money blogging stage where you want to be. The eye being drawn to pictures and all youll want to make immediate and consistent use of them.


About the Author (text)Lupe Estrada works from home part-time and enjoys assisting others in growing their online income.He has nine years experience in various online traffic generating resources and businesses.

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