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Carpooling is an alternative way of traveling. It means to share a ride with one or more fellows to a common destination. With the help of carpooling websites, anybody can find partners for ride-sharing, either passenger or driver. These sites have become fairly popular all over the world. Carpool service is a satisfying way for those who prefer traveling inexpensively via Europe.

Moreover, you can get to know different people during traveling. Traveling with unfamiliar people also enhances the chances of an enjoyable conversation and to get to know nice people. You can also make it a rule to use this opportunity: let's say you have a workmate who has the same work hours, and lives somewhere close to your home. It's a quite good idea to travel in the same car in the mornings. Or if you don't have time to take your children to school, sometimes they can get there by the neighbor's car, together with the neighbor's kids.

Naturally you can take them, as well. It is practical to use carpooling if you want to travel abroad, too. There are some websites specialized in carpooling between countries. These sites usually offer multilingual features so you can easily browse among destinations, trips, departure points, etc. This smart invention has many advantages.

It is much more flexible, passengers can use their time better and they can also share driving responsibilities. Speaking about the advantages of carpooling, we have to mention that it especially reduces air pollution. Less consumption of oil can reduce global warming, emissions of greenhouse gases and common pollution. But maybe one of the most important things is that we can avoid the well-known, annoying early morning traffic jam and stress. Daily traffic would decrease by about 20 percent if everyone carpooled for just one day a week.

Carpooling can substantially cut the money you spend on gas and car care. Some carpoolers may initiate to establish an agreement as to how the carpooling arrangement will operate. You can determine who is going to drive and when, whether smoking will be allowed, place and time too meet, how costs will be shared, and so on. But at least you should compromise on some conditions.

For example if you would like to listen to your favorite radio station every day, but everyone hates it, the radio may not be turned to your favorite radio station every day. According to the statistics, carpooling is very safe. Nevertheless, in case of you don't know your fellows because you found them on the Internet, it is recommended to meet your fellows beforehand. If you feel uncertain about someone, maybe you find somebody a little suspicious, don't carpool with that person.

Attila Z Jancsina is a freelance copy writer. He occasionally writes for Autostop

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