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Online Marketing Using Video

Using streaming videos in the internet as a form of marketing is a relatively new approach. Currently, most marketing brochures and newsletters are using text and pictures in combination to attract a consumer's attention. Some pictures are a combination of still and animated objects to better the chances of attracting a prospective customer. But, if there is anything advertisers and consumers have learned about marketing, television advertisements are still the best way to attract attention for a product and keep it in the consumer's memory. To fully understand why internet streaming videos are the next step in online marketing, we need to be able to grasp the objective of advertisers and the effects of the different methods of advertising. To begin with, online advertising began mainly with newsletters in the form of emails or pop-up screens containing pure text and some inanimate pictures.

As internet users became more and more accustomed to surfing the WWW, these newsletters and pop-up advertisements gradually turned into annoyances. Marketing newsletters started to look like junk mail and pop-up screens became similar to billboard advertisements that you see everyday. Also, pop-up screens disturbs the rhythm of internet surfing.

There you are browsing away when you see a link or article which you decide to follow or read. Just as you are about to click on it or just as you are in the middle of reading it, the pop-up appears and displaces your current browser window behind it. In short, these common forms of advertising soon became major annoyances in most cases that anti virus software developers soon added anti pop-up features in their products thereby drastically reducing the number of consumers that these pop-ups were able to reach. To add emphasis to the drive against pop-up advertising windows, Mozilla developed a built-in anti-pop up utility into their web browser, Firefox. Just as the pop-window is about to open, Firefox immediately denies the opening of this new browser window. Nowadays, I rarely see pop-up screens on my computer when I browse the WWW.

As far as email newsletters and advertisements are concerned, a similar phenomenon is occurring where they have suddenly evolved into what is known as junk mail or spam mail in internet language. Again, anti-virus protection software creators incorporated spam mail protection within their software while numerous sites in the internet make available free, downloadable anti-spam software. The biggest blow to spam email marketing was when e-mail providers decided to add anti-spam or spam blocking utilities in their website. As a result of these measures against pop-ups and spam messaging, an avenue in internet marketing is about to close. Curiosity is perhaps the most powerful motivator in a person.

Video grabs a person's curiosity faster than you can blink (that's because you won't be blinking). After their attention is focused on the video the key is to maintain or improve on that initial level of interest. Animated pictures and videos are very powerful internet marketing tools. If a marketing video upon its creation is imbued with humor, a bit of suspense and, finally, relevance to the general public, its effects will be visibly seen in the black ink accountants' use in their books to indicate income. The best way to grab a person's attention is by arousing his curiosity through the use of internet videos.

Please remember that when you want to sell an idea or product, internet marketing with streaming video is the fastest and most efficient tool when it comes to getting your message across. Human beings are very curious animals and they love good stories. Always remember as good as the video is the quality of the product still matters in the end.

Terry Detty, 42 and genuinely happy individual, enjoys all aspects on internet marketing, and occasionally enjoys getting out for a walk. Internet advertising, online marketing SEO software, Find best SEO software

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