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Optimum Offers Customized Internet Marketing Solutions

Optimum7, based in Morristown New Jersey with offices in Miami Florida, offers highly customized internet marketing services for small to mid-sized businesses (SME's). The company offers online visibility programs to get their clients found on the Internet Search Engines such as Google or Yahoo. Duran Inci, Director of Marketing, explains "Every business is different and it is with that understanding that we work with our clients to understand their business as unique with its own set of problems and opportunities.

" Inci has about 10 years of online marketing experience and has been involved in dozens of successful online campaigns. "We don't sell and don't want to sell a pre-packaged set of services because they simply don't work all too often" Inci adds. Adelard Gasana, Chief Technology Officer, says "We offer real advantages in technology and implementation that are behind the results we are able to achieve for our clients ? this will become more evident in the future as we continue to develop key advantages in the marketplace." The company also stresses often that their services are not for everyone, pointing out that Search Engine Optimization, a key piece of any online marketing strategy, takes significant time and money and is also ongoing ever into the future. The company CEO, Arthur Cooper, states "the competitive environment for business and product-related keywords is very intense and high placement is not achieved easily or trivially.

Anyone trying to tell you otherwise is either unaware or just trying to sell you something." He further explains that Optimum7 is really interested in working with companies that "get it" explaining that there are few if any "quick fixes" to an online marketing issue. It seems evident that Optimum7 wants their clients to understand the long term value and commitment involved before they even get started. A prime example of what Cooper and Inci are talking about can be seen in an investigation of how they treat paid search which is called Adwords in the Google environment.

Paid Search, often called PPC or Pay Per Click is online advertising that appears by successful bidders for a particular keyword phrase that searchers might be "Googling." When the searcher clicks on the ad, Google receives a fee reflecting the successful bid. The searcher is then sent to the website itself or a specific landing page associated both with the website and the original Google Ad. The searcher then can either request information, fill in a form or actually buy the product if the website has an e-commerce component.

"Anyone can set up their own PPC program on Google" says Cooper. He adds "however, simply bidding on keywords, writing an ad will not likely work if the program is not managed. Almost all of our clients come to us after the frustration of trying to do it themselves or having a PPC company do it for them. It all comes down to results. If the results are not there and you don't know why, it's easy to see why people get frustrated." Optimum7 takes this several steps further by installing analytical software and monitoring and measuring the daily results and onsite behavior of online visitors.

Inci explains " we must know what the click-through rate (CTR) is so we know the effectiveness of the ad people see on the search engine to begin with. If there are not enough clicks, we have to improve the ad at least, if not also further investigate the competition and additional keywords and adgroups. In addition, we must measure conversions which are simply the number of people who actually did what the client wants the visitor to do on the site ? whether it's filling in a form or buying a product or picking up the phone to call. All of this can be measured, and must be, so that we can act, yes manage, the program for optimum results. If the conversion rate is low, we investigate further to measure the onsite behavior ? are there sticking points, pages that seem to confuse, pages upon which visitors exit the site? What works, what doesn't work and make adjustments based on simple facts, not pre-determined solutions that may not address the specific issue at hand.

" Optimum7 makes some important distinctions about their services and their approach that separate them from other internet marketing companies. "Instead of offering tactics as services", says Gasana, "we offer a single premium and custom strategy so that we look at the entire picture that our client is faced with. Some services offer something called "link-building" or press release services as single stand-alone services. We maintain that our clients are not likely to know what a link-building service is or whether or not they need one or if a link-building strategy is the correct strategy or even a good opening step. We feel that selling these singularly-focused services do not serve the client well and they do not directly address the main problem ? poor sales and profitability from their online web strategy.

This is the key behind our consultative approach. Here we may make no assumptions. We listen to our clients, ask them questions, and analyze the website and related marketing methods. We analyze the competition, learn the products and services, do extensive keyword research and much more to come up with a strategy that will use any or all of the tools and expertise at our disposal. It's all about the client ? not about us." "We have done work with many industries, says Cooper, ? recently we have worked with SME's in industries as diverse as Office Furniture, Corporate Promotions, Custom Chocolate, Legal, Industrial Scales, Interior Design, Monuments, Replacement Windows and Doors, commercial wiring and connectivity, and Stone and Marble Fabricators.

While we are experts in none of these industries, our ability to listen and work closely with our clients while implementing our consultative process makes us very valuable to our clients. They can continue to do the business of their business while we develop and execute a well coordinated and results-oriented internet marketing plan." Cooper sees a bright future for Optimum7 and the industry as a whole.

"Google is getting better every day, social networks and networking are growing in importance, affiliate programs are becoming a more available means of adding revenue for our clients where appropriate, the rise of social bookmarking like and online publishing all are inter-related elements that play right into our strong suit of custom internet marketing solutions.

No one thing will do it. It's really about understanding the difference between tactics and strategies. Optimum7 is about strategies.

". is an Internet Marketing Company with primary focus on Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SME's). offers a rich consultative approach that our clients find refreshing. We actually listen to our clients to learn exactly what their problems and objectives are. Through a proven process, we collaborate with our clients to truly understand where they are and where they want to be next month, next year, and in 5 years. Optimum7 Offers Customized Internet Marketing Solutions.

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