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Page rank links and some examples

Did you know that you can increase your Google page rank by using EBay? You can do this by actually buying a link off a website. You can purchase website links from the popular auction website of

Essentially, you are buying your way to a higher Google page rank. How do you purchase a website link at EBay? First, go to Next, type in the words "Page rank" in the search bar in EBay. Hit search.

EBay will provide information that contains the words "page rank". What page rank should you buy? Only buy page ranks of 5, 6, or 7. How much should you pay for each page rank? How can you determine the value of each page rank? Multiply the page rank times ten.

For example, you would be willing to page $50 +/-10 for a page rank of 5. The +/-$10 allows you to have flexibility. It gives you a range that you are willing to pay. This payment amount is how much you are willing to pay per month. Why not buy page ranks of 8, 9, or 10? Purchasing page ranks this high is like buying a multimillion dollar home.

It is difficult to figure out how much to pay for these links. There are much fewer websites that have page ranks of 8, 9, or 10. Therefore, it is hard to ascertain their true value. In other words, one page ranked at 9 may be a five million dollar house while another page ranked at 9 might be worth a one hundred million dollar house. However, you won't know which "house" you picked.

Only buy page ranks that have the "Buy Now" option. Do not deal with bidding. You don't want to waste time in negotiations with the seller.

The "Buy Now" feature allows you to instantly purchase the link and not worry about a changing price. Examine the page rank deals on EBay. Look for a page rank deal that has a page rank that is 5, 6, or 7 and fits in your price range.

Take your time and explore the various page rank deals. You may find deals that are undervalued. For example, you may find a "Buy Now" deal with a page rank of 7 for only $20.

This would be a great deal because it costs much less than what you are willing to pay for a page rank of 7. Take advantage of these deals. Now it's time to purchase the link with the high page rank on EBay. Make sure that you only purchase from sellers that have positive feedback.

Do not purchase from sellers that have negative feedback no matter how great the deal may be. Find out where your website link will be placed on their website. You want to purchase text links. Examine how they will deal with your website. What type of what website is it? What are the terms of the deal? Don't forget to look at their maximum number of ads. Remember, each ad on their website has a link pointing to another website.

You want to make sure that their maximum number of ads is less than twenty. Otherwise they are just creating links for anyone who will pay. This will lower the page rank of their website. It is important to note that when you buy a page rank link off EBay, they most often will not tell you the actual name of the website where your link will be placed. The seller will also specify the maximum length of your ads.

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