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Search Engines The Modern Genies

In today's world if we want to know some thing, want to gather information, the answer comes suddenly in mind is the search engines. In can be said undoubtedly that the ultimate discovery in the last century is internet and the most striking feature of internet is the search engines. Search engines are like modern genies that know everything and have solution for all our problems.

If we are mugging our mind for hours and unable to find solution for a problem search engines can solve them better in an instant manner. Search engines are like a boon for the modern era and they have converted the whole world to a small globe accessible by any one. Without search engines, internet will be a disorganized mess of websites that will be of no use. Search engines have played a major role for the information network world wide. Search engines have transformed and integrated the whole world as never before.

It can be said that search engines are the soul of the internet. Not only as the source of information search engines also proved to be the best marketing platform for all the major business fields. Search engines serves better advertisements platform for all the major businesses and any other entity need marketing. Google, Yahoo and MSN are the three most searched biggies on the internet providing useful information to masses. They are the leading search engines and have captured the 90% of the information market.

They are known to provide relevant information and the whole information technology more or less depends on three internet giants. Other major search engines are Ask, DogPile, AltaVista, Meta Crawler etc. They are also contributing a lot to the information world as the major information provider. SearchBoth.

com is now combining the results displayed by all the major search engines in order to compiles them for you. Yahoo and Google are the most focused one but here they are providing you to see and compare all the major search engines. SearchBoth is the first website offering Google and yahoo results on a single screen.

SearchBoth cuts out the time and hassle involved in searching both Google and Yahoo at the same time.

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