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Setting Realistic Goals

People who dont set goals wind up asking, How come I never got what I wanted out of life? Those are the words of Theodore Carl Soderberg, author of the new book Uncharted Waters. Soderberg isnt just a successful author. He has two honorable discharges from the United States Navy, has been on the silver screen in Basic Instinct and the Rock, has made a small fortune selling exotic cars, and has toured the world with the merchant marines.

How has he achieved every dream he has ever wanted? Setting goals. That really has been the secret of everything.

Here are six tips to earn a successful life - one half hour at a time:

1. Identify What You Want And When You Want It

Figuring out your dream can be the hardest part, says Soderberg. So if you cant be specific, thats fine. You dont need to have a whole plan in place, says Soderberg.

You just need a firm idea in your mind of what you want and a solid idea of when you want it by.

2. Schedule 30 Minutes For Your Goal Every Day

Set aside a half hour every day to do something to get closer to your dream. Every day you build on the progress you made the day before.

You dont expect to do the whole thing in a day or in a week but a little bit every day, that really is the key to being successful.

3. Make Goal Setting A Lifestyle

The key here, says Soderberg, Is to make sure its at the same time every day.

If your goal time becomes part of your daily routine youll be less likely to blow it off. Your scheduled goal time with yourself is as important as any commitment youd make to someone else. You wouldnt dream of blowing off a half hour meeting with your boss make 30 minutes with yourself just as much of a priority.

4. Divide Your Goal Into Bite Sized Pieces And Tackle Them One At A Time

You cant expect to reach your goal without accomplishing the smaller steps building up to that success. If your working on a big dream, break it down into little bite sized dreams along the way.

5. Congratulate Yourself For Each Step You Complete

Half of keeping motivated is remembering what you are working toward the other half is acknowledging yourself for the work youve already done. Soderberg insists you pat yourself on the back at least once a month.

If that means buying yourself a flat screen or just nodding to yourself in the mirror, thats up to you.

6. Finish Up One Goal And Get Ready To Tackle A New One

At some point youll accomplish whatever goal youve set out to achieve. So why stop now? If you stop dreaming of new goals your life will get boring again.

Build on the goal youve achieved, or write down a whole new adventure.

Investing 30 minutes a day in your future can change your life. A few months from now you could be thinner. Maybe you could have a retirement plan in place.

Maybe your life story could be written. It all comes down to deciding what you want out of life and taking the action to make it happen. Once you have the dedication, and the half hour the only question is: what do you want to achieve?


About the Author (text)Lupe Estrada works from home part-time and enjoys assisting others in growing their online income.He has nine years experience in various online traffic generating resources and businesses.


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