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Shop for clothing early in the season

You don't have to be destitute to shop there, or resign yourself to wearing outdated fashions. Shopping at secondhand stores is losing its stigma, and the less you pay for one item the more money you have to spend on other things or add to your savings account. Get the best bargains on your trips to the secondhand store by following these tips: Online Auctions 1.

Shop where the money is. Secondhand stores that are located in affluent communities will have the best selection in terms of designer and high-end clothing. Women who replace their wardrobes every year will drop the fashions they have weeded out of their closet at the nearest thrift store.

Jeans 2. Ask the clerks if there is a particular day that recently donated items are put on the floor. Getting there as new donations are put out gives you an opportunity to make your choices before everything is picked over. 3. Shop for clothing early in the season. The highly-fashionable women who must have new clothing in their wardrobe every year will be cleaning out their closets in advance of the season.

You can find donations of high-end clothing that is in like-new condition. Some may even be brand new; compulsive shoppers may donate clothing that has never been worn instead of bothering to return it to the store. When you notice that the department stores are beginning to stock the next season's fashions, hit the thrift shops to add fashionable clothing to your wardrobe! Designer Jeans 4.

Watch for special sale days. Some thrift shops may have one day each month when everything is half-price, or tag sales where a certain color tag is discounted that day. Be prepared to go early on these days and beat the crowd to the best bargains.

5. Don't overlook vintage clothing. A consignment shop that caters to vintage clothing collectors will charge high prices, but vintage items donated to a thrift shop can be had for a song.

It's currently fashionable to wear vintage clothing, and many lovely vintage prom dresses, evening gowns, jackets, sweaters, coats and dresses can be picked up for very little at a thrift shop. mens jeans 6. Shop for high-value items. The amount of money you save will be a higher percentage of the retail price than it will be for less expensive goods.

7. Shop for household items at thrift shops. Many retailers will donate new overstocked or discontinued merchandise to thrift shops. 8. Go bargain-hunting often.

Donations are coming in every day, but you may not find a bargain each time you go bargain hunting. Items that don't sell after a few weeks are usually removed from the floor and others take their place. Going bargain hunting regularly gives you a better chance of finding an amazing deal! 9. Shop at a Goodwill Outlet store. These stores carry secondhand merchandise that hung around the regular Goodwill store too long, and will be dirt cheap.

10. Make your bargain-hunting an event in itself. Don't plan other activities along with your thrift shop excursion, so you don't feel rushed to get in and out of the store.

Finding the best bargains can require a couple hours of digging through the racks and shelves, and you need time to consider whether that lovely item you are considering buying is really a bargain! Ask yourself, before you reach the check-out, whether it is truly something you need and can use. Remember, if you take something home but never use it, it isn't a bargain at all!.

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