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Social Networking Site FriendWise

Social networking sites have become very popular especially with myspace and facebook. Myspace social network is geared more towards teenagers as it is adults. Facebook social networking site is geared more towards college students.

But now there is a social networking site that is geared towards just adults in general and that is

With FriendWise.

com you will find the normal social network features as on myspace or facebook like creating a website profile, blogs, photo gallery, classifieds, istant messenger, rate photos, groups. But with you will also find these additional features live chat, creating polls and taking polls also making quzzies and taking quizzes. Even send a crush alert to someone you like.

When using these feaures you will earn points with in return will give you more options a you earn points.

Here are some great easy tips to get you going on the online community social networking site

Easy steps to make your FriendWise profile stand out.

As there are many users and many profiles on FriendWise, it's really important for you to have a profile that stand out from the crowd so people will want to have you as their friend, listen to your ideas/posts and mainly come back to your home page.

So, without further say, here are the steps to get more Friends on

1. Photos - Ensure you pick at least two specially interesting, funny or attractive photos to your profile.

It should be your own picture of yourself. If you don't have any pictures of yourself, you can use free graphics and I highly recommend animated ones. You can grab some off the web and there are many available sites like for example.

How to add your picture(s) to your account. In the menu bar click MY ACCOUNT then click SETTINGS and then click Profile Picture. then just click browse and find the picture you would like to add to your main profile picture and click Upload Image. Your main pick needs to be avatar size you can do that at photobucket.

com just click resize and save it to your mypictures
If you would like to add more pictures to your Gallery click MY ACCOUNT then click SUBMIT ITEMS. From there just click upload picture and you will be able to enter a title for your image and place in the catagory you would like then just click browse and find the picture you would like to add and then just click Upload Image and that's it it will show up in a couple minutes as long as the image is not to big. It needs to be website size which you can resize at photobucket.

com. Each time you submit a picture to the gallery you will get a point.

Here is also what you will find under SUBMIT ITEMS. Write Blog, Create Poll and Create Quiz. For each one you make you will get a point.


Backgrounds - don't keep the original FriendWise layout - it's very simple. People like and remember non-standard images and backgrounds so I recommend you go to and search myspace background or layouts and then look at all the available backgrounds and layouts and pick one that matches your liking.

Once you found one right click with your mouse on the image and save to your computer. Applying is easy. Just click MY ACCOUNT then click SETTINGS then click Design My Profile. Then click browse and find the background that you saved to your computer and upload it.

To make the image show throughout your profile you will need to make some areas of your profile transparent. To do so click select color then chose transparent for the following Background Color, Background Main, Top Headers, Main Item Background, My Details Background.

Now just click Save Profile Settings at the bottom and your background is set.

You will want to add colors to the following sections by clicking Select Colors. Here are the ones you would want to do that with Comment Background, Comment Text, Comment Header Background, and Comment Header Text.

Here is all what you will find under SETTINGS. You will be able to change Account Settings which you will be able to Change your password, e-mail address and other account info. Profile Settings Change what you want to be said on your profile.

Profile Picture Change your profile picture.

3. Browse FriendWise for new users that have just joined in. Add them to your friends.

This has a major benefit - if your among their first friend and you can get to know them better. Just click BROWSE and then click NEW MEMBERS.


Leave comments to all your friends. Comments link back to your profile and also reminds people that your there. In addition people often look at who sent the comment and visit their profile page.

.You can find all comment options on the this website website. Also you can search some by subject on

5. When sending a friend request to strangers make sure you attach a message - many people are suspicious about having strangers adding as their friends and will only add you if you make a proper friendly introduction first.


Keep your profile updated. If there are no updates people will stop re-visiting it. If it keeps changing - people need to come back to check what's new.

Don't let your profile become static.

7. Make sure you tell people about yourself on your profile a person will add you to their list if they have the same interest as you and make it honest.

Let the person know what kind of person you are you don't have to give out to much info but atleast give a summary of what type of person you are and the interest that you have.

Using these tips should help you find new friends also has chat parties once a month so it makes it easy to meet new adult friends.

If you invite your friends and you can do so with INVITE at the bottom of you just need to add there email and you can send a message and you will get 5 points if they join.

If you are a adult you should give the social networking site FriendWise.

com a try.

Rich Stephenson owns different social networking sites as well as doing SEO for different social networks.

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