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In order to be able to stop Spam E-mails you have to know where those spam e-mails are coming from. Spam e-mails are ones that so called "spammers" send to addresses that they find from forums, websites, Usenet groups, chat services and other places. They might also find these addresses at job sites or other business sites. Furthermore, those who send spam e-mail make up usernames and send e-mails to particular ISPs. The more popular that these ISPs are the more spam they will receive. For example, spammers may create an e-mail list derived from common name, numbers, and other symbols in order to send these.

A ficticous example of how spammers to this such as, and then make up similar ones to, and so on. If you want to fight spam there are a variety of ways that you can do that. For example, you may want to get a separate e-mail from a paid e-mail ISP account.

Perhaps you will even want to get a lesser known ISP e-mail account, because the lesser known that the ISP is the less chance you will have of getting spammed. You can also get a disposable e-mail address that forwards mail to your current address, and deletes certain mail after a limited amount of time. There is also spam blocking software ways you can set your e-mail folders to be set to receive all the junk and spam mail that you get.

Sometimes you can also report spam to your ISP, or the host of your e-mail account, and that particular address will be blocked. One thing you don't want to do is to respond negatively spammers. This is the worst thing that you can do because you do not want spammers to know that you have a valid e-mail address.

If you do choose to open and e-mail, however, some do give you the option to be removed from the e-mail list. However, even then you should be careful, because this could be a trap for spammers to send you more mail. For those that commit spamming practices they should be advised that it is illegal to be sending e-mail to people who have not requested it. Furthermore, those who have e-mail marketing lists should remember to remove right away those that do not want to be on your marketing lists. If these marketing lists are abused, or if these spammers continue to send mail to random addresses, then spammers could lose their e-mail privileges, and could even be prosecuted, or fined, or both. Therefore, those who are spamming should beware.

For those that want to find spam blocking software and spam free e-mail packages they can contact their current internet service providers. They can also read free additional free and informative articles on sites of online encyclopedias or news sites. This information can be found when a person uses a web browser to look up e-mail spam information. These sites may also provide free and paid virus scanning systems which will allow a person to make sure that all the e-mails that they receive and open do not contain harmful materials in them.

Firewalls can be put on your computers as well. All this as well as stopping spam can be an added protection to you.

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