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Successful Marketers Embrace The Article Directory

People in the internet marketing community have discovered a new form of marketing web pages and exchanging links, and this method is quickly gaining a large head of steam. The basic system works like this: a person will write a page of content, and then allow a foreign website to publish that content in exchange for a link in a resource box on the page. This idea appeals to both parties for several reasons, which I'll outline. Article Directories follow the metaphysical law of Reciprocation. What this means in Layman's Terms is: you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Both parties get something out of the arrangement, and all is good.

If you contrast this particular method of marketing to the more odious method of "scraping content", and you'll quickly see why article directories are considered to be the wave of the future when it comes to interactive and co-operative marketing. Article directories allow for participation by: 1)webmasters who want to use the articles 2)The Webmaster who wrote the article and who receives promotional credit for publishing it 3)The end user who gets high quality content that may not have been available otherwise. If you haven't already begun article creation, you better get started soon. Right now, the article directory industry is exploding. What better way to promote your website than to write expert articles that make you and your subject matter stand out from the crowd? If you're an excellent writer, you can greatly expand the audience of your website by expanding your reach on the internet.

Once you're published on a multitude of websites, you can expect a great deal of direct traffic as well as search engine juice from your many installed articles. If you think about 10 articles that are on over 100 sites, you can quickly see that's 1,000 pages that now link to you with information about you and your website. Done consistently, for months on end, there is no better way of increasing your exposure than authoring and submitting articles on your favorite subjects.

If you're not already an expert on a subject, then what better time to start than now? You are best off writing individual articles for the web directories that do not appear on your own website. Otherwise, you may run into the very real risk of the article directory outranking you for your very own content! Generally article directories are very popular website with a great deal of traffic and link popularity, so they often will rank for your article. If you use original content, you can expect additional traffic, that doesn't interfere with your websites traffic at all. Submitting content to article directories is not a miracle cure for all of your ranking blues, but it's a great start for a deserving website on the road to recognition. Only by getting the word out, can you expect others to be able to find the wonderful resource that is your website.

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