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Tactic The Internet Gurus Use To Turn Time Into Money

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to spend years and waste thousands of dollars trying to make there home business "work" while others seem to just hit the ground running? Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have a sort a magical Midas touch when it comes to making money while others don't? I'll tell you exactly why. Are you ready? Those that make money know that time are money and those that don't make money have not realized this. That's really all there is to it. Let me explain, all business really is the act of you trading your time for your customers money.

If you are effective at doing the tasks that make this transaction happen as efficiently as possibly then you will be perceived as one of those with the mythical Midas touch. If not, then you're just like most of us. That is, most of us will do the exact opposite. It seems sort of paradoxical. Why would we spend so much time doing things that aren't going to help us make money? Honestly, it's human nature that holds us back. We don't know that we're not doing the tasks that are going to make us money, because we think we are.

In essence, we trick ourselves. Let me explain what the typical online home business entrepreneur does. First, He'll see an enticing e-Book that seems to show some promise then he'll buy and read it. After that, he'll try to put some of the theory he's learned into action. This friends, is where he messes up. He'll try to put what he's learned in the book into action without research and without proper preparation.

Then when things don't turn out correct he'll get discouraged and quit until he finds a next hot e-Book title that arouses his interest. Then he buys that one and the whole process cycles again. A year passes and this entire guy knows is that he's spent thousands of dollars and effectively learned nothing concrete. You see, the typical home business entrepreneur thinks he is doing what's most effective and will lead to earning the most money by dropping what didn't work and shifting his resources to the next idea.

He thinks eventually he's going to hit the jackpot and find the diamond in the rough. Ironically, it's this exact attitude that will ensure that he'll never find that diamond in rough. You see, in actuality, there is no diamond in the rough. This is an important point so pay attention, EVERY e-Book and every article our typical home business entrepreneur has read had been sold to him in the SAME WAY! He didn't even notice it! He was too busy learning all his cool new business strategies.

Let me repeat the last point for you, all the information that he had learned was different, but the median for its distribution was always the same. That's the secret the guru's don't tell you. The sales model is ALWAYS the same. So, here's the difference between the average home business entrepreneur and the home business entrepreneur with the Midas touch.

Those that seem to hit the ground running learn the fundamentals first. They learn basic marketing principle then find something to market and then lastly try all the fancy stuff the guru's tell them. And well, we already know what average home based business opportunity seeker does. The gurus are masters of basic marketing principles. So, the most effective use of your time and money from the outset if you're serious about becoming a successful home business entrepreneur is to master the basics of marketing. It's all marketing! Nothing more and nothing less?.

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