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Tips for Writing Effective Emails That Get Results for Your Online Business

These days, email addresses are abused. People send unsolicited emails for all sorts of things from some illegal bank transactions to offers of clearly criminal scams. As a result of this huge abuse to the email system; it is now difficult to get legitimate business messages delivered. Internet Service Providers have taken radical actions to put in place strong spam filters. A lot of people now have measures in their email systems where some messages with some selected words or phrases are completely filtered out. All this means that in the first instance, you must have an authentic way of creating your email list for your online business.

The only authentic way to build your list of organic email address for your online business is through visitors signing up on your website, subscribing to your e-zine or e-course or whatever you offer of your website. Any allegations of spamming can get your website shut down or you may face some penalties - it simply is just not worth it. Now that you have your list of organic emails, how do you write emails that will get delivered, opened, read and bring results for your online business? · Send emails only to people who have voluntarily requested information from you by subscribing on your website.

· Personalize your emails by including the person's name in the subject line and body of email. · Your email subjects must be catchy and interesting, and related to what is in the body of your email. · Do not send your emails with attachments - these are normally viewed with suspicion fir viruses. · Do not use all caps in your emails no matter how much you want to attract the recipient's attention. · Avoid using words that are associated with scams; namely 'free', 'make quick money' etc. After you have made sure that your emails messages can be delivered and opened, what can you do to ensure that your emails will be read and an action taken, and bring some results for your online business? How can you write compelling emails? · Format your emails so that they are easy to read.

Do not create long emails. Be 'catchy' in your style of writing and be straight to the point. · Use simple and easy to understand English. Make sure that you are friendly in your emails and continue to personalize the email.

· Write high quality emails with no grammar or spelling mistakes. · Be excited and passionate about what you are offering in your email. If you expect the person who receives the email to buy what you are selling in your online business, you must give them enough reason to want to buy. If you are offering a product or service, highlight the benefits to be gained from the product/service.

· Create urgency in your emails - let the person who receives your email know that they need to act fast because time is of essence. · Use action verbs as much you can. · Have your contact details in your emails.

This creates some confidence in the recipient and also helps if they want to know more about what you offer in your online business. · Offer the option to unsubscribe at the end of your emails. Now that you are good at writing effective emails, it is important that you know the best ways and times to use the emails for maximum effect. · Send emails to your list when you have new products/services/business opportunity on offer. · You can also create some special price discounts on your current products and services, and send an email to your list with this offer. · You can also send emails for the purposes of keeping in touch with them.

You may not be offering anything specific, but you can send an article or free e-book which you think they will enjoy reading. Your list will appreciate this and this will further build their trust in you. · Contact your list with any special event offers, special product launch or holiday specials.

Your list appreciates a bargain, so offer that to them when you have some. A lot of internet marketers make a lot of money with their lists. By writing effective emails as outlined above, you can start to make some money from your list too, and make your online business a success.

Jeff Casmer is an internet marketing consultant with career sales over $25,000,000. His "Top Ranked" Earn Money at Home Directory gives you all the information you need to start and prosper with your own Internet Home Based Business.

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