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Understanding the true value of a web hosting provider

The true value of a web hosting provider lies within the fulfillment of your actual web host requirements. You must first understand your basic web hosting needs with regard to your website. Based on your requirement, you can judge the importance of a web hosting provider who should be useful to your specific needs rather than being generally compatible to all web masters. In short, the true value of a web hosting provider can be seen when the web hosting provider is able to fulfill all specific needs of the concerned owner of the website. Now, picture the following situations before you actually acquire a web hosting provider for your website. 1) Getting tempted towards a cheap web hosting plan: These days, you are bombarded with all sorts of advertisement which promise to offer web hosting solutions at cheap price.

However, if you fall for the price trap, you may end up experiencing your website to be running slow. Since you have opted for a cheap web hosting service, you may be also denied service due limited bandwidth. 2) Consequences of not clearly defining your actual requirements: Every webmaster should have a clear idea of what he or she would like to install with regard to scripts.

If the webmaster does not have a clear idea of the required facility before selecting a web hosting plan, he can fall into trouble. Example: Suppose a webmaster has selected a web hosting service without understanding the resources that the concerned web hosting provider offers. Now, he wants to change his static HTML pages to dynamic. But he is held up because he realizes that his web hosting provider does not provide the facility of changing the present script. In short, the host servers are not compatible with the scripts. In such a situation, a web master will loose months of work.

3) Managing several websites through one account: The idea of putting all eggs in one basket is not acceptable. In other words, you must never try to manage several websites through just one account. If your web host is down due to some reason, you will notice that all your websites will simultaneously go down and in the bargain you will loose hours on work time. The best option is to split your account across 2 or more physical servers. So, get in touch with your web hosting provider and ask him whether he can provide you with two or several accounts, so that if one fails, you can yet continue to maintain your daily work schedule, through the second account. 3) Taking testimonials for granted : Many web hosting providers put forward testimonials in front of you, in order to convince you about how good they are as a web hosting provider.

If you take testimonials at face value, you are likely to be tricked by web hosts. Hence, the only best way of gauging the true value of a service provider is by getting in touch with other webmasters and then talking to their customers. Try to collect some customer names of their website and ask the web host to allow you to contact any of his customers. If for any reason, the web host provider does not allow you to contact his customers; you must then be aware and be alert about using his web hosting services.

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