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The World Wide Web is the most desired destination among all internet users and the vast arena that the World Wide Web offers are enough to quench the thirst of the consumers who look upon it as a sort of virtual encyclopedia filled with necessary information about anything and everything in the world. The internet is a platform which consists of innumerable websites displaying multifarious content and these websites have emerged today as important tools which allow a firm or an organization not only to advertise its products but in this way they are able to reach put to a wider audience and therefore it facilitates marketing and ensures profit. One of the most significant factors that need to be borne in mind is that in such cases, the websites need to be designed well in order to allure the consumer's eye apart from providing all the vital information necessary.

A website which is dull in appearance and does not contain adequate data that is required for the consumers adversely affects marketing. Therefore website designing is a very important aspect of setting up a website. Web accessibility refers to a very important mode by means of which the websites need to follow certain accessibility rules in order to make themselves easily accessible in the huge platform of the World Wide Web. One of the essential factors that need to be addressed by the website designers is to ensure that a website should be able to make itself accessible to people form all walks of life and even those with disabilities. This is why it is often found that certain contents in websites have larger font sizes enabling the weak sighted to read it easily.

Some websites have close caption video inputs to aid the deaf. At times many links are found to be colored and underlined and these are meant for those users who are color blind. For individuals suffering form learning complications or dyslexia, often diagrammatic representations and animated versions are available in websites. There are certain rules that have to be conformed by websites in order to ensure better accessibility.

One of the important functions here includes the using of a legitimate markup language which obeys Schema or DTD formats. Each document should be composed of semantic markup which provides a distinct structure to the web page and at the same time ensures that its contents are accepted by other web pages providing different web based services. CSS is more preferred for layouts while use of frames is prevented.

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