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What Are The Factors That Make A Web Host Bad

Given the innumerable number of web hosts dying to take your money in exchange for their services, you might be exasperated at the need to choose one over the other. How do you tell the good from the bad? You could spend the hours pouring over their web pages and looking for testimonials from previous, pleased users, but then why would a business put a less than satisfactory testimony on their web site? Instead of looking for evidence of good service, it is far more expedient to look for evidence of bad service. The following article will provide you with the tools to find that evidence. If you are looking over a sight and do not see a prominently displayed comprehensive support page, or does not provide a support telephone number, you alarm bells should be ringing.

Since this is something that is relatively easy to discover, it is a good place to start your investigation. For an example, imagine that your have (or, perhaps you actually do have) a web host that doesn't return your calls or answer your emails. Is that good service? No! It's time to start looking for a new web host, one that has a support staff that actually does its work. In broad terms, it is safe to say that the better support a web host is providing, the better overall host it is. This is because support helps you in times of crisis, when a server goes down or your shopping cart isn't working properly good support will fix it quickly. How does this help you if don't already subscribe to a hosts service? Well, for one thing is, you can call the support number listed on their site and see if it is very hard to get a real, living, human being on the other side of the line.

If it is, then it probably still will be when you are a subscriber. Another thing to look at is how much a web host chargers. Cheap per month hosts likely cut their costs to ensure that they are able to make a profit. If you look around and come across a deal that is too sweet to be real, then it probably is. Keep looking.

But the best way to judge a company is to see if it is turning a profit. If you come across a web host company that is publicly traded, go look up its earnings over the last several quarters. If the earnings have been good, then you can probably trust the competence of the company.

If you are reading about some scandal or takeover happening at the offices of your web host, you might want to change to a new one. More often than not, when web hosts are getting press it is because they are screwing up. After you've chosen a host, make sure to keep an eye on what they are offering you, and for what price, over time. It is a trait of bad hosts to increase charges over time, at the same time as they start stopping services. If there is a price increase that you can't find a good justification for, change hosts.

Finally, remember that you ought keep an eye on what your host is doing. Although most web hosts are less than forthcoming about the inner workings of their business, you should keep your eyes peeled so that you can know well before disaster strikes. Then you can change your website over to another host before it goes offline and you can't salvage it at all.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as web hosting solutions at

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